Saturday, 20 June 2009

I'm back

Gosh what a month it's been...I've had a birthday party for DD (photos another day) I've been to the gogo getaway...and what a fabulous weekend that was....and it's just been a hectic month at work with changes and today I had plans to go out but DD woke up this morning feeling very sorry for herself and full of a cold and a sicky tummy so I thought we'd have a PJ day and I could catch up on a few bits that needed doing around the house.
I've finished off a couple of projects I had left over from the getaway weekend, and I've even broken into the new June kit that was delivered from Scrapagogo this week.
So I will share that with you today. I've used a couple of techniques I picked up from my weekend away...Flocking (waahhhhey Liz) and I've done some sewing, some layering and ribbon ruffling..



Claireliz said...

Looks flocking lurvely Mandi (wahey!!)

Liz said...

Look at you showing off with your flocking techniques!!

I haven't scrapped a thing since we came back. OOOppps

Claire aka Feline said...

So you have a nice time then? Glad to hear it and OMG flocking, if you have any lessons on how NOT to flock half of the kitchen I'd love to hear them lol xx

Jazzy1972 said...

Fab lo! love the funky arrows too. Jay xx

julietk said...

Hi mandi,great photos as usual
love your bunting
DD looks beautiful
xx Juliet

Claireliz said...

Hi Mandi... cool photos,
Left you an award on my blog hun.

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